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Tuition and Refunds

Hafez specializes at paying tuition for all levels of education.

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Corporate Payments

Hafez is prominent in providing financial services for corporations. Existing clients of Hafez are immigration lawyers, corporate lawyers, food and agricultural companies, advertisement companies and transportation companies.


Clients Say

Our Customers Reviews

  • Sheri Abaeian
    Highly recommended! Fast, trustworthy, professional and always offers the best rate.
    Sheri Abaeian
  • Alireza Khalili
    Very professional team, excellent rate and customer service. I have always worked with them and happy with service I received. Strongly recommended.
  • Sepy Kopahi
    Amazing customer service and super informative. Highly recommended!
    Sepy Kopahi
  • Mehri Tehrani
    Without a doubt, Hafez exchange is one of the best business centres in North shore which I would love to deal with them always.
    Hafez Review
  • Allen Bay
    The best currency exchange in the north shore! super friendly, their rate is better than other exchange company! the smile always on their face
    Allen Bay