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    17 years of experience, Hafez provides a secure and fast channel for all clients.

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    • Sheri Abaeian
      Highly recommended! Fast, trustworthy, professional and always offers the best rate.
      Sheri Abaeian
    • Alireza Khalili
      Very professional team, excellent rate and customer service. I have always worked with them and happy with service I received. Strongly recommended.
    • Sepy Kopahi
      Amazing customer service and super informative. Highly recommended!
      Sepy Kopahi
    • Mehri Tehrani
      Without a doubt, Hafez exchange is one of the best business centres in North shore which I would love to deal with them always.
      Hafez Review
    • Allen Bay
      The best currency exchange in the north shore! super friendly, their rate is better than other exchange company! the smile always on their face
      Allen Bay