What Vancouver Transit Could Look Like In 2050 & It’s Mind-Blowing

What Vancouver Transit Could Look Like In 2050 & It’s Mind-Blowing

Vancouver transportation is set to look super different by 2050, and TransLink just released illustrations of it.

The pictures will send you into the future, where there are basically no cars on the streets of Vancouver, B.C. — and therefore no traffic!

TransLink actually asked people who live in Metro Vancouver what they wanted out of the local transportation, and then created this plan for what it will look like by 2050.

The biggest take-aways from residents? Climate change and affordability.

To meet the needs of the people, TransLink said that they are going to be “quadrupling the size of the rapid transit network, from 100 to 400 kilometres,” and “building out an 850-kilometre traffic-protected major bikeway network.”

They will also be “dedicating more streets to walking, biking, rolling, and transit,” and “putting frequent transit within a short walk of most homes and jobs, as well as “promoting electrified and shared bikes, scooters, and cars,” the release said.

, with was fewer private vehicles on the streets.

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