What Services Are Available to Newcomers and Immigrants in Canada?

What Services Are Available to Newcomers and Immigrants in Canada?


One of the best newcomer services worldwide is provided by the Canada government. These services and programs help you as an immigrant to get comfortable with your new life as soon as possible.

Employment Services

Finding a job is highly necessary as soon as you move to a new country. The employment services in Canada may be different from your country. Contact your local newcomer service center for more information.

Language Training Services

You can benefit from government-funded language classes if you have a valid Certificat de Sélection du Québec, citizenship, or resident status. Although there are two official languages in Canada, there is no shortage of language training.


As a newcomer or immigrant, finding accommodations can be your biggest concern when you enter Canada. It’s recommended to find a temporary place first to get to know the new city you are in. Consider all the housing costs involved, and keep in mind that large cities like Toronto cost more than smaller ones.

Children Education

If you are moving to Canada with your children, you need to ensure proper education services are available. The local newcomer service center in your area can help you with all steps involved in registering your child.



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