What is the future of bitcoin?!

What is the future of bitcoin?!

Bitcoin is currently operating in the real world under different scenarios, and in the future, this crypto will follow the same trend in an unpredictable way. Antonopoulos says:
The more widely Bitcoin is used, the more diverse its applications will be.
Four scenarios for Bitcoin

1:Bitcoin is growing as digital gold;(Ascending): The simplest scenario.
Peter McCormack, host of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, called the scenario a “continuation of the current bitcoin trend.” He predicts: This theory can be considered almost definitive or with a very high probability.
Bitcoin continues its current trend, more people accept it and the value of the network increases. We can see the presence of bitcoin in pension funds, royal coffers and government balance sheets. The market value of bitcoin will also exceed the market value of gold

2. They stifle bitcoin rules, (Descending): The governments of Nigeria and India have banned the use of bitcoin. What if the rest of the world follows the same trend?
Jason Williams, author of “Money You Can’t Destroy: Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next World Reserve Currency?” He argues that countries that have tried to curb cryptocurrencies have never succeeded. He says: If India has outlawed
cryptocurrencies, you can easily move to another country.
3.Bitcoin becomes an online storage currency, (Ascending): In this scenario, a small discount has been given to the main idea of an international reserve currency.
“A lot of people can hardly think of Bitcoin as a global reserve currency, but they think it’s easier to turn bitcoin into an online storage currency,” says Anthony Pompliano, a major American investor and entrepreneur.

4.The problem of having two types of centralized and decentralized bitcoin, (descending): According to Goldstein, governments are unlikely to ban cryptocurrencies; However, he acknowledges: There is still a smarter way for governments to fight bitcoin.

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