We Asked ChatGPT How To Get Cheaper Rent In Vancouver & It Was Actually Helpful

We Asked ChatGPT How To Get Cheaper Rent In Vancouver & It Was Actually Helpful


Vancouver rent prices have most people’s eyes watering, so any and all advice on how to make rent cheaper is welcome.

We asked ChatGPT the simple question — “How can someone save rent in Vancouver?” — and it spit out some serious advice.

Some of it was obvious like getting roommates and doing your research, but some of its other points were actually pretty helpful.

Timing is key

A lot of people simply rent a new place when their current lease is up, and so the cycle of September moving continues.

ChatGPT suggested trying “to time your move-in date for the off-season, such as the fall or winter months as this may lead to lower rental prices due to lower demand.”

When asked a follow-up question, the AI revealed that moving between October and April specifically “can be a great way to save money on moving costs and rental fees.”

It also said to consider moving in the middle of the month, when there are also typically fewer people hunting for a new place

Negotiating can be a thing

While you might be hard-pressed to actually negotiate a lower rent price in Vancouver, thanks to the demand, it might be worth a shot.

“When looking for an apartment or rental property, try negotiating with the landlord or property manager to see if they would be willing to lower the rent or offer a discount in exchange for a longer lease agreement,” ChaptGPT said.

If you follow ChatGPT’s other advice, to move during off-peak season, you may have more negotiating power thanks to the reduced demand.

Location is everything

ChatGPT even suggested some cheaper areas to rent in Vancouver. It said to look to Burnaby, Richmond, or New Westminster for cheaper rent options.

“Although these areas may require a longer commute to downtown Vancouver, the cost of rent may be significantly lower,” it added.


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