Types of scams in the field of cryptocurrencies; How can we not be victims ? (Part 1)

Types of scams in the field of cryptocurrencies; How can we not be victims ? (Part 1)

1. The Ponzi scheme is a kind of investment scam that deceives people by promising to pay a certain return to existing investors from new investors.
Without exaggeration, Panzi and pyramid schemes are the largest part of the scams in this area and the main basis of many forms of scams is this Panzi scheme.

2. Mining cryptocurrencies without a machine”, “Million revenue by mining bitcoins”, “Renting a mining machine” and “Getting free bitcoins in the Telegram robot”; If you see these titles in ads, Be careful.
The growing popularity of cloud mining has opened the door for fraudsters due to the high cost of electricity and cryptocurrency mining equipment.

3. The world of cryptocurrencies is full of fraudulent exchanges that come and go overnight.
You need to be very careful about using these exchanges, as they may steal your crypto or cash.
Sometimes when you deposit money into your account at an exchange, some of these unreliable exchanges charge you huge fees or make it very difficult to withdraw money.

4. This type of scam needs more attention. It is a little more difficult to detect phishing attacks, or fake pages and messages, that impersonate authentic pages and messages. Scammers in this type of attack share a website address that is exactly the same as the original website or a new website that seizes your confidential information and then uses it to hack into other accounts.

5. Another type of phishing and fraudulent attack occurs when fraudsters claim to be the support team for a specific project and ask you for personal information, a deposit, or a personal password.
When you have a problem with trading platforms, you try to get answers to your questions from information groups or their managers. These scammers are abusing the trust of such users.

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