The fastest growing industries for newcomers to Canada

The fastest growing industries for newcomers to Canada


Canada is known for having a stable and strong economy. Post-pandemic, the country has seen a strong rebound in several sectors, many of which are seeing rapid growth.

Among employment sectors, some stand out as the fastest growing with the most in-demand skills.


Canadians are living longer and require more medical care for a longer period than in previous generations. This increased demand has Canada’s provinces working hard to attract healthcare workers from abroad. Currently, over 35% of Canada’s physicians, 23% of registered nurses and 39% of dentists are immigrants.

According to the latest job vacancy data from Statistics Canada, as of February 2023, the number of job vacancies in the healthcare industry is the highest across all sectors at 143,800 vacant positions.


Canada’s agriculture sector employs over 243,000 Canadians and currently has a job vacancy rate of more than 14,000.

A recent report by the Royal Bank of Canada shows that by 2033, 40% of Canadian farm operators will retire. The report also says that to offset a short-term skills crisis, Canada must accept 30,000 permanent immigrants over the next decade to establish their own farms and greenhouses or take over existing ones.


One of the main components of the federal budget 2023 was investing $20 billion to support the building of major clean electricity and clean growth infrastructure projects. This investment is likely to lead to increased demand in the tech sector.

It also notes that many of the careers in the clean technology manufacturing sector do not require a university degree, and the average worker compensation in this sector in 2021 was $90,252.

The growth of the AI sector also plays a part in Canada’s demand for tech workers.

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