The block chain network building a more private future for the internet

The block chain network building a more private future for the internet

A privacy focused block chain ecosystem brings together anonymous transactions with secure messaging and a low-latency onion router

A blockchain ecosystem has launched a suite of tools designed to build a more private future for the internet delivering unparalleled security to users and developers

Oxen’s products are free to download and use, and the project says no prior knowledge of blockchain technology is required to make the most of these apps

One of the platform’s flagship apps is Session, a private messaging platform that has already amassed more than 100,000 users across multiple operating systems. A cutting-edge protocol paves the way for fully anonymous account creation, with cryptography used to minimize metadata leakage. Users can engage in one-to-one chats with ease or communicate in closed groups of up to 100 people

At the core of this ecosystem is OXEN, a privacy-by-default cryptocurrency that can be bought, held and staked — powering all of the aforementioned decentralized applications. The Oxen blockchain is one of the first privacy coins based on the CryptoNote protocol to adopt Proof of Stake consensus

Looking ahead, the platform intends to monetize this messaging app further, introduce premium features, increase the number of people who can take part in a closed group, and add video and voice call functionality. Some of these premium features could include increased file size limits for attachments, encrypted backup storage, verified accounts and customizable sticker sets

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