Senators aim to pass grocery rebate, health transfer Bill C-46 by May 12

Senators aim to pass grocery rebate, health transfer Bill C-46 by May 12


When the government tabled the 2023 federal budget earlier this year, one of the most talked-about measures was the so-called Grocery Rebate, designed to help offset the rising cost of food and other groceries in Canada.

Several months on, Canadians may be wondering when the Grocery Rebate payments will land in their bank accounts — or if they even qualify for the money at all.

According to a report from CTV News, Bill C-46 is on track to receive royal assent by May 12, marking the last step in the process of transforming the bill into law.

Although it would likely still take a number of weeks after this date for the payments to start rolling out to eligible Canadians, if approved, it does mean that the rebate would arrive in Canuck bank accounts before the end of the summer.

According to CTV, if the bill receives royal assent as planned, the Canada Revenue Agency will be able to start administering the Grocery Rebate as of July 1.

The government plans to facilitate the payments via the Goods and Services Tax Credit (GST Credit) mechanism, which means eligible Canadians could receive the funds along with their next scheduled GST tax credit payment on July 5.

The one-time affordability measure is expected to benefit around 11 million low-and modest-income Canadians, although specific eligibility criteria are yet to be announced.

If the rebate is approved, it will offer up to $234 for a single person with no children, up to $467 for a couple with two children and around $225 for senior citizens.

The cost of implementing the Grocery Rebate is expected to be around $2.5 billion.

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