Ranking of which world cities will be underwater first puts Vancouver in the top 20

Ranking of which world cities will be underwater first puts Vancouver in the top 20

A ranking based on population and elevation puts Vancouver in the top 20 when it comes to cities that will be submerged as ocean levels rise.

The ranking of coastal cities was built based on a “conservative estimate” of a rise of up to 1.5 metres, though those behind the project say other predictions suggest sea levels will rise as much as 2.5 metres by 2100, barring intervention.

The estimate of 1.5 metres assumes an increase in global temperatures of 3.5 C, according to an infographic posted earlier this week.

The list of cities was compiled by an organization of scientists and journalists who research and report effects of and solutions to climate change.

It places Vancouver in the 19th spot, though those behind the research said they only looked at cities considered among the world’s most visited.

According to the mapping, much of Vancouver’s coastline will be submerged, and destinations including Granville Island and the Museum of Vancouver will be underwater at some point, should levels reach the estimated 1.5-metre increase.

In Richmond, Steveston Harbour and the Vancouver International Airport would also be underwater, based on the data.

The other cities on the list include Tokyo, Mumbai, New York City, Osaka, Istanbul, Kolkata, Bangkok, Jakarta, London , …

In Vancouver, actions are being taken to address climate change.

the city estimated the cost of the infrastructure required to protect sections of coastline would reach $1 billion by 2100.

An assessment from B.C.’s Ministry of Environment 10 years ago suggested the sea level would rise by a full metre by 2100.

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