People Are Sharing Their Toronto Life Hacks From Groceries To The TTC & Tons Are So Helpful

People Are Sharing Their Toronto Life Hacks From Groceries To The TTC & Tons Are So Helpful


Living in Toronto can be a bit of a battle, but anyone dealing with the daily challenges of the TTC, the high cost of groceries, and other unfortunate realities of Canada’s largest city has likely come up with their own unique way of being efficient.

In a question posed to the askTo Reddit thread, someone asked for tips that “a native Torontonian may be aware of that would be helpful for others living here.”

There’s an app called Efficient TTC, which “saves you time on your subway rides by showing you which subway car doors are near which escalators and stairs.”

Speaking of helpful apps, another person suggested one for saving money on groceries, called Too Good To Go, which offers discounted groceries available at participating grocery stores and Toronto restaurants that otherwise would be thrown away.

One other Toronto life hack that got a tone of reaction in this conversation was taking advantage of the Toronto Public Library.

“Get your library card,” someone wrote. “Toronto Public Library is the best.”

Tons of others chimed in on this, adding the library gives you access to more than just books, but also free classes and even a 3D printer. And apparently, you can also score some free passes to popular Toronto attractions, if you’re lucky.

“If you show up at your certain libraries on Saturday morning, you can line up for free Museum/Art Gallery/Zoo/Aquarium passes (if you have a library card, of course),” another person commented.


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