NFT art galleries: Future of digital artwork or another crypto fad?

NFT art galleries: Future of digital artwork or another crypto fad?

Physical NFT art galleries are popping up all over, but why? And does the public appreciate them, regardless of their crypto knowledge?

As nonfungible token (NFT) art continues to develop as an industry, a new trend is quickly emerging: physical NFT galleries featuring digital, nonfungible pieces of unique artwork. Most recently, the largest Bitcoin (BTC) event in history — the Bitcoin 2021 conference — featured a peer-to-peer pop-up NFT art gallery with artwork from over 30 different crypto artists.

Teodora Atanasova, VIP relations manager and founding team member of Nexo — the company that backed the Bitcoin Art Gallery — told Cointelegraph that over 100 pieces of art were sold during the two-day conference: “This demonstrates the impact physical NFT galleries can have on both the traditional art world and the crypto industry.”

Popular crypto-friendly cities like Miami are not the only places where NFT art galleries are appearing. Earlier this month, an NFT art gallery pop-up took place in Dallas, TX for the first time.

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