Moving to Canada: Top 10 Pre-Arrival Checklist (Part 2)

Moving to Canada: Top 10 Pre-Arrival Checklist (Part 2)


6) Choose Your Location

Before you arrive in Canada, take time to decide which city would be best for you. Canada is a vast and varied nation with many vibrant cities and provinces, each with its own unique culture, geography, and work opportunities. It’s a good idea to investigate the different areas of Canada and what each offers: the cost of living, job opportunities, and cultural activities.

7) Purchase Health Insurance

Canada has a public healthcare system, but it may take some time before you are eligible for coverage. Additionally, it is a good idea to purchase private health insurance to cover you and your family for any additional health care expenditure. You may wish to gather information on different types of health insurance, including private health insurance and travel health insurance.

8) Prepare for the Canadian Climate

Canada has four distinct seasons that roughly follow the months of the year, each with its own unique beauty:

Spring (March to May) brings mild and sometimes rainy weather, Summer (June to August/September) can be very warm with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, Autumn (September to November) is the most popular season with temperate weather and vibrant colors, Winter (December to February) can be cold, so it’s important know how to stay safe in snowy and icy conditions. Check out this helpful resource to prepare for winter weather in Canada.

9) Learn about Canada

Before you arrive in Canada, it is a good idea to learn about the country, its people, and its unique culture. Be sure to get familiar with information on Canada, including Canadian history, government, and culture.

10) Research Canadian Newcomer Services

The Government of Canada provides a range of settlement services to help newcomers prepare for life in Canada. You may also look into pre-arrival services for information and support before arriving in Canada.

Lots of additional information about life in Canada and what to expect on arrival can be found in this comprehensive Welcome Booklet.

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