If You Do Not Have These 5 Basic Features, Do Not Buy Bitcoin! (Part2)

If You Do Not Have These 5 Basic Features, Do Not Buy Bitcoin! (Part2)

3. Patience:
To be a bitcoin hodler, you have to be able to be patient. Many find bitcoin hodling a tedious strategy.They are right!And that’s exactly why bitcoin hodling works so well.
Bitcoin is not a game, but bitcoin is a very serious issue; A real revolution that is happening in front of your eyes.
By buying bitcoin, you are consciously supporting a revolution that aims for a better world for all in the future.

4. Controlling Emotions:
In a previous quote from George Soros, he explained why investing should not be fun. A successful investment is a tedious investment.
The fun part of streaming is the search for something to invest in. This search accounts for only 1% of the time required for a successful investment. The other 99% of the time investing, you have to be patient and wait for the right decision.

5. Having a long-term vision:
If you buy bitcoin and think that you can make a significant profit from it in the next year, you are wrong and you will soon become frustrated.
Bitcoin is more than just a plan to get rich overnight. Bitcoin saves you from the vicious circle of poverty in which your current financial system is drowning.
Second, Bitcoin aims to build a better world for all, a fairer world in which everyone has equal opportunities. This does not happen overnight. When buying bitcoin, you need to be able to take a long-term view.
In this way, you can adopt the best strategy in the Bitcoin world: Buy Bitcoin, Hodling Bitcoin, repeats the previous two steps.
This strategy may seem simple, but it has worked since the advent of bitcoin. Usually, the simplest strategies are the best strategies. The same is true of bitcoin.

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