Getting a Canadian driver’s license as a newly landed immigrant

Getting a Canadian driver’s license as a newly landed immigrant


Car insurance

All drivers in Canada must either get insurance coverage for a vehicle that they own.

Driver’s licenses

It is also important to know that the cost of an insurance plan varies based on the insurance provider, the chosen plan and the age, driving record, driving experience and living location of the person being insured.

The process for obtaining a driver’s license differs in each province or territory, which also depends on the individual’s driving history. In any case, this process typically includes a written exam regarding road rules and one or two driving tests.

Online resources exist to help written exam takers prepare for the test and driving lessons are available to assist with preparation for that portion of the driver’s license process.

Driving in Canada as a newly landed immigrant

For a short time, new Canadian PRs can drive a car in their home province/territory using an international driver’s license. It is strongly recommended that all international driver’s license holders also carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) from their home country during this time.

Listed below are the validity periods of international driver’s licenses for new permanent residents in each Canadian province/territory.

Obtaining a driver’s license in Canada as a new immigrant

In certain circumstances, foreign nationals can apply to exchange their international driver’s license for a driver’s license from their province or territory. Driver’s license exchanges allow new Canadian immigrants to fast-track their way to a Canadian driver’s license.

Benefits of a driver’s license exchange in Ontario

In Ontario, a successful driver’s license exchange could mean that new immigrants can fast-track their way to a full G license (depending on their driving experience).



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