Ex-Goldman Exec And Real Vision Founder Puts Ethereum Value At $20,000 By March 2022

Ex-Goldman Exec And Real Vision Founder Puts Ethereum Value At $20,000 By March 2022

Ethereum has been on an impressive growth path recently. The digital asset recently broke a three-month high after it broke through $3,400 in the early hours of Tuesday. Usage on the Ethereum network has increased drastically in the recent weeks, causing fee rates to surge 200% in the space of a week. As more users adopt the leading smart contracts platform, predictions for the asset’s value have risen accordingly.
Raoul Pal is an ex-Goldman hedge fund exec who is bullish on cryptocurrencies. The ex-hedge fund exec had then gone on to co-found Real Vision, a platform that provides insights and analysis for investors. Pal was on a podcast to talk about his cryptocurrency investment strategies for the top 2 largest projects in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum, and he had some interesting predictions for both cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum To $20,000, Bitcoin To $250,000

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal gave some very optimistic predictions for the top 2 digital currencies during his interview. Pal said he believed that Ethereum was going to be at $20,000 by the end of March 2022, while putting Bitcoin price between $250,000 to $400,000 in the same time frame. For Ethereum, Pal said that the growing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) factors into his prediction. Disclosing that both DeFi and NFTs have already been twice as widely accepted as Bitcoin.

Ethereum adoption has far dwarfed the rest of the crypto space, Pal said. Adding that the recent London Hard Fork and EIP-1559 work to reduce ETH supply, and with ETH 2.0 staking, further propels the bullish setup for the price blowout.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Raoul Pal is not one to give predictions for others to follow without having a stake in it himself. In fact, the CEO had revealed last year that he had moved his entire investment portfolio to cryptocurrencies. That’s how bullish Pal is on cryptocurrencies. The CEO had completely exited his gold holdings, which, at the time, had made up 25% of his investment portfolio, and the funds were moved to crypto. Even at that point, Pal’s portfolio was made out of 75% crypto before he exited his gold positions.

Now, Pal’s holdings consist of cryptos at various degrees of concentration, down to crypto-related products. The CEO revealed that his holdings consisted of 55% Bitcoin, which made up the majority of his investments. Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest position, making up 25%. The remaining 20% consists of an equally weighted basket of tokens. These range from tokens of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, Layer 1 blockchains, and interoperability solutions.

Pal also added that he had “some specific bets in social tokens, metaverse, and other longer-term macro bets.” The Real Vision co-founder referred to Ethereum as “the greatest trade” from a macro perspective point of view. And he expects the cryptos to go up in Q4 of 2021. “Don’t forget that they usually go up 5X to 10X in the last three months of the year, and we haven’t even got to the all-time high,” Pal said.

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