Cryptocurrencies that have not been valued but can grow in 2022 (Part 1)

Cryptocurrencies that have not been valued but can grow in 2022 (Part 1)

1) My Neighbor Alice is a free multiplayer game based on blockchain. The game’s currency, ALICE, plays an important role in the game ecosystem.
My Neighbor Alice game users can earn money by keeping the game token and staking it. This mechanism is designed to encourage users to hold tokens and support the ecosystem. In this way, users are also given a percentage of platform revenue (such as part sales, asset sales, and transaction fees).

2) Alien Worlds is another Metaverse game that takes advantage of decentralized finance features. This blockchain game, which runs on browsers, takes players on a space adventure in 2055.
Mining in Alien Worlds does not have its traditional meaning; But users can use the tools provided in the NFT format to mine trillium tokens from the planets in the game. Therefore, the mining process is done in-game without the use of mining equipment.

3) Users can trade assets of other Blockchain networks in the Synthetics protocol. Synthetics is, in fact, a decentralized protocol for issuing hybrid assets. Collateral for these hybrid assets is also provided by the SNX token, and by locking these tokens into a smart contract, a license to manufacture and issue composite assets is issued.
Synthetics native currency cannot be obtained by mining; Because this protocol uses an algorithm called Proof of Capacity. Therefore, staking is the only option to get this cryptocurrency.

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