Cost of living across Canada

Cost of living across Canada

Cost of living across Canada

Cost of living across Canada

The cost of living in Canada can be affected by various specific factors. In general, this concern is one of the 3 main concerns of people who immigrate to Canada and live in this country. It doesn’t matter if you are calculating the living expenses for your student period or you are looking to know these expenses for your permanent stay in this country.

In the following, we have tried to provide the most explanations in these fields and introduce you to this concept better and more. Do not forget that before going to this country, it is necessary to get the best and most complete information in every field so that you can create a suitable and good life for yourself in this country.

Cost of living in different Canadian cities

The cost of living in Canada can be very different in different states and cities of this country. This issue is seen not only in Canada, but also in other countries. Therefore, in the following, we will examine the cost of living related to the important and famous states of Canada, in two ways: living costs for single people and living costs for a family of 4.

  • Cost of living in Toronto

The first is related to Toronto. In Toronto, for a family of 4 to rent at least a 3-bedroom apartment outside the city, about $7,400 is needed. Meanwhile, the same costs for a single person can be about 3 thousand dollars.

  • Cost of living in Vancouver

The cost of living in Vancouver Canada is slightly different from the cost of living in Toronto. For example, the cost of a family of 4 in Vancouver is about 10 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, for a family of two, this cost is reduced to about 7 thousand dollars.

  • Cost of living in Montreal

In Montreal, Canada, a two-person family needs about $4,800 to $5,000 for a month’s living, but a four-person family will only need about $6 to $6,500 per month.

The cost of living in Ottawa as well as the cost of living in Quebec will continue in the same style; Because these two cities are also among the big and main cities in Canada.

What are the living expenses included?

In this article, we have reviewed the fees that you have to pay in different states. Now it is better to focus on the point that the expenses generally include what items? If we know this issue, we can understand how to check and determine the costs and how we can easily and easily cover these costs.

  • Food expenses

The cost of food in Canada depends on your lifestyle. If you have a normal lifestyle and do not eat special food, your average cost will be between 200 and 300 dollars per month.

  • Clothing expenses

Clothing costs are completely optional and you can pay different costs according to the clothes you buy.

  • Housing costs

Finding housing is one of the hardest things you have to do. For example, you should keep in mind that different houses can be completely different according to the number of rooms, the size of the building and also the location where they are located. Keep in mind that the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $1,500 and in the suburbs is $1,300.

  • Transportation costs

To move within Canadian cities or outside of these cities, it is necessary to pay the transportation costs correctly. Transportation costs can be quite different and that’s why people use different methods. The preference of most people can be related to the use of public transportation services. Metro, bus, taxi and bicycle are among the public transportation systems. A subway ticket costs about $3.50 in Toronto. This cost can be lower in other Canadian cities.

  • Costs of welfare services

Welfare services can include various things. For example, electricity, water, cooling and heating systems, sewage systems, internet, telephone, etc. are among welfare services. On average, we can say that these costs are about 300 dollars per month.

  • Child care costs

In families with children between the ages of 1 and 7, you should also calculate the costs of child care. In general, the cost of a babysitter is completely different according to the services they provide. In addition to babysitting costs, you should also consider school costs. You have to pay 100,000 dollars for elementary schools and 170,000 dollars for middle and high schools.

  • Taxation

The tax is determined according to several important factors. Taxation in Canada is related to three important factors. The first item is related to the amount of income, the second item is related to the amount of assets and the third item is related to the goods and services tax. The more you earn in Canada, the more tax you have to pay. The minimum tax is 15% and the maximum tax can be 33%.

The property tax is also related to private property as well as cars, factory shares, stock market, etc. This amount of tax is determined annually and you, as a Canadian citizen, are required to pay it. The third thing about taxes in Canada is related to the taxes on all services and goods, and you, as a customer, will pay this type of tax when you buy and receive those goods and services. .

Recreation and sports expenses as well as care and health expenses are among other things that are important.


The cost of living in Canada includes food, clothing, housing, transportation, recreation, medical care, and several other items. Each of these expenses can change according to your lifestyle and also according to the number of people in your family. Remember that before immigrating to Canada or any other country, it is necessary to obtain sufficient and important information in this field. By doing this, you can experience the best and also the most comfortable life in your destination country.

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