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What is the difference between bull and bear market of cryptocurrencies?(part 2)

In general, the signs of a bull market in cryptocurrencies are: 🔹Prices will increase for a long time; 🔹There is a lot of confidence in the market; 🔹Some projects are priced more than their value; 🔹Following the release of good news, prices increase sharply; 🔹If bad news is published, prices […]

Bitcoin Sets Itself Across Zero Line, Analyst!

Dave the Wave, the analyst who accurately foretold the collapse of Bitcoin in 2021, is back with another market forecast. The prominent crypto trader shared some charts on a Twitter Thread this Monday. Dave claims that the world’s foremost cryptocurrency is about to flip bullish, judging from previous cycles. The […]

Bitcoin Profitability Jumps As Price Adds $1,500 In 24 Hours!

Bitcoin has seen an incredible 24 hours after the price of the digital asset added more than $1,500. This jump in price has come with a number of positive implications, including the profitability for investors who are holding the cryptocurrency. Where less than half of all investors had been in […]

Bitcoin dips below $20,000!

Bitcoin dipped below $20,000 on Saturday, continuing a drop that has taken it down nearly 60% from its year high. Bitcoin , the world’s biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, was last down 1.5% at $19,946 on Saturday, down $298 from its previous close. It is down 58.7% from the year’s high […]

Big rise in financial advisers adding crypto assets to client portfolios

More than a quarter of financial advisers intend to recommend crypto investments over the next year According to a survey, financial advisers are recommending investments in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto assets to their clients more than ever before A report by the Financial Planning Association released on Tuesday has taken […]

Former congressman Ron Paul: Bitcoin is money and should be taxed the same

Former congressman Ron Paul believes Bitcoin should be regulated and taxed the same as money Former presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul has renewed calls for Bitcoin to be legalized as money and not taxed Paul is a staunch libertarian and author of the Bitcoiner favorite “End the Fed,” who […]

Analyst says Bitcoin could see a smaller drawdown

Bitcoin bulls fell short of flipping the $38,000 level to support, and one analyst said on-chain data signals that BTC could see a smaller drawdown The cryptocurrency faithful got a reprieve from recent market struggles thanks to a rally in decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens and Dogecoin (DOGE) on June 2. […]