Bringing the crypto payments ecosystem around the world: Ray Youssef

Bringing the crypto payments ecosystem around the world: Ray Youssef

“I was nearly killed by the police, who saw me wandering through the city thinking I’m a looter.” Ray Youssef discusses his close calls and crypto adoption.

Though he has had 11 business failures, today Ray Youssef is building Bitcoin-funded schools across Africa as executive director of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation and is helping millions of people buy and sell cryptocurrency as CEO of Paxful.

He has just returned from El Salvador, where he spent time at Bitcoin Beach — where he says even children are using Bitcoin (BTC). Crypto payments services are important there because 70% of people in El Salvador have no bank account.

He’s not the first crypto leader to throw themself into a revolution — like Griff Green, who once protected polling booths in Catalonia, or Amir Taaki, who went to fight with the Kurdish YPG. After he returned home to the United States, however, he began integrating his experiences of the revolution and questioning many things about society.

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