Big rise in financial advisers adding crypto assets to client portfolios

Big rise in financial advisers adding crypto assets to client portfolios

More than a quarter of financial advisers intend to recommend crypto investments over the next year

According to a survey, financial advisers are recommending investments in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto assets to their clients more than ever before

A report by the Financial Planning Association released on Tuesday has taken a look at the changing attitudes toward crypto assets. The “2021 Trends in Investing Survey” revealed that more financial advisers than ever are recommending their clients have some crypto in their portfolios

The survey was conducted in March and received 529 online responses from professional financial advisers who offer clients investment advice and recommendations

The survey revealed that the figure is up significantly from the previous year, when less than 1% of advisers were recommending exposure to cryptocurrencies

Furthermore, 49% of finance professionals indicated that, in the last six months, clients have asked them about investing in cryptocurrencies, a figure that has almost trebled from just 17% in 2020

Clients appear to be less concerned with market volatility this year compared to last, the survey found

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