9 Important Ways to Secure a Computer to Protect Your Crypto Assets! (Part 2)

9 Important Ways to Secure a Computer to Protect Your Crypto Assets! (Part 2)

6. Virtual Private Network: VPN service is not built to bypass filtering, although it is used in this case, but if you want to increase your security, it is better to use it. VPN encrypts the communication between your system and the VPN server and makes it unheard of. So, it is better to use VPN as much as possible and prevent attacks like MiTM.

7. Secure Email: Proton Mail is an open-source secure email service from Switzerland that has strict privacy issues. Proton Mail also uses end-to-end encryption, which is very useful in protecting the privacy and deafness of emails.

8. Operating system: The operating system is very important in terms of security. There is a great deal of disagreement over the superiority of operating systems, and different people have different opinions. It is not possible to say for sure which operating system is the best, but according to the studies that are not mentioned in this article, Linux, Mac and Windows are in the list of the most secure operating systems, respectively.

9. Culture and knowledge of cyber security: In the last case, we discuss culture and knowledge, but it is the most important case among the 10 mentioned. Social engineering techniques simply bypass all security protocols and trap users.
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