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June 27, 2023

Canada’s inflation rate falls to 3.4 percent last month

    Canada’s inflation rate fell to 3.4 per cent in May — the lowest it’s been since June 2021. But some economists argue a slowdown might not be enough to deter the Bank of Canada from another rate hike in July. Statistics Canada reported Tuesday the slowdown was largely […]

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The fastest growing industries for newcomers to Canada

  Canada is known for having a stable and strong economy. Post-pandemic, the country has seen a strong rebound in several sectors, many of which are seeing rapid growth. Among employment sectors, some stand out as the fastest growing with the most in-demand skills. Healthcare Canadians are living longer and […]

Partial de-dollarization is possible, but China won’t dethrone the greenback even if it becomes the world’s largest economy

  JPMorgan strategists said dollar dominance isn’t going away anytime soon, regardless of China’s growth. Partial de-dollarization in possible as China’s yuan becomes a bigger part of global commerce. De-dollarization can stem from sliding faith in the dollar, or developments that enhance the credibility of other currencies. The world could […]

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What to do after Landing in Canada

  What Happens When You Land at a Canadian Airport for the First Time? Identity Check Upon arrival, be prepared to go through an identity check. This means you will have to provide travel documents, such as your passport or visa, to a border services officer. You will also have […]

How IRCC uses AI in application processing

  In the coming years, Canada is on track to welcome the highest numbers of newcomers ever. IRCC has rapidly shifted toward the digitization and “modernization” of Canada’s immigration system, which includes increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics to speed up application processing time. For example, […]

Toronto rents just skyrocketed again

  It will now cost you well north of $2,800 to rent an apartment in Toronto, and renters looking to move into a new home will have to fork over more than 15 per cent higher prices than this time last year. The latest and Urbanation National Rent Report […]

Answering common questions about education in Canada for your children

  Education is Canada is managed at the provincial level, so the school system differs between provinces. Even within a province, education can vary between types of schools and school districts. What types of schools does Canada have? Public schools tend to serve a particular area within a neighbourhood, so […]

How could a Bank of Canada rate hike impact B.C.’s housing market?

    Real estate experts say B.C.’s housing market is heating back after cooling off due to rising interest rates but the future is uncertain as several economists expect the Bank of Canada to hike rates again. Home sales have rebounded and increased recently, while an overall lack of supply […]

Bank of Canada ends pause on hikes, raises policy rate by 25 basis points

    The Bank of Canada ended its interest rate pause on Wednesday as it looks to stamp out inflation and cool the country’s red-hot economy. The central bank raised its benchmark interest rate to 4.75 per cent, an increase of a quarter-percentage point in its first hike since January. […]

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BC’s Minimum Wage Is Now One Of The Highest & HCanadaere’s How It Compares To Salaries Across

  The minimum wage that workers in B.C. have to be paid has just been increased and it’s now one of the highest in the entire country. Even with the boost, what people in the province will earn in a year at minimum wage jobs is nowhere close to average […]