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Thousands Of Federal Workers Are Striking Today

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Over 155,000 federal employees are striking as of April 19, making it one of the largest strikes in Canadian history.

And this means that a lot of federal services across a range of areas, including the Canada Revenue Agency, will be affected in a multitude of different ways.

“Now more than ever, workers need fair wages, good working conditions and inclusive workplaces. And it’s clear the only way we’ll achieve that is by taking strike action to show the government that workers can’t wait,” said the union’s national president Chris Aylward.

While these workers are on the picket line, Canadians could see delays and impacts on many government services.

According to PSAC, Canadians will see “disruptions to employment insurance, immigration, and passport applications; interruptions to supply chains and international trade at ports; and slowdowns at the border.”

Along with these services, there may be disruptions and delays in roughly 28 major governmental departments according to the feds.

The only things not affected are those deemed essential, such as employment insurance payments, Canada Pension Plan payments, Veteran’s income support and Old Age Security, and Guaranteed Income Supplement payments.