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What is the difference between bull and bear market of cryptocurrencies? )part 2(

Digital Currencies

In general, the signs of a bull market in cryptocurrencies are:
🔹Prices will increase for a long time;
🔹There is a lot of confidence in the market;
🔹Some projects are priced more than their value;
🔹Following the release of good news, prices increase sharply;
🔹If bad news is published, prices will drop sharply;
🔹Mainstream media is talking about crypto currencies;
🔹People who were not interested in cryptocurrencies before, are inclined to research and investigate this matter.
One of the most famous examples of a bull market is the Bitcoin bull market in 2017. The price of Bitcoin experienced a tremendous jump this year, from $900 at the beginning of the year, to around $20,000. The best way to profit from bull markets is to buy at the lowest possible price and wait for the price to rise.
When investors recognize a bullish cycle, they try to buy their target asset at the bottom of the cycle and then sell it at the top. Any losses during a bull market will be temporary, allowing investors to continue investing with confidence that they will eventually make a return.
One of the simple but popular strategies in bull markets is the “ride the wave” strategy. In this strategy, investors choose coins that are in a strong uptrend and try to make the most of the remaining uptrend of these coins. Other well-known strategies include “BUY and HODL”, where users hold their currencies during an uptrend and sell them when the price reaches the highest possible level.