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Bitcoin’s in a bear market, but there are plenty of good reasons to keep investing!

Digital Currencies

Higher volatility, equity offerings and resistance to regulatory sanctions are just a few reasons why investors should keep an eye on BTC.
Let’s rewind the tape to the end of 2021 when Bitcoin (BTC) was trading near $47,000, which at the time was 32% lower than the all-time high. During that time, the tech-heavy Nasdaq stock market index held 15,650 points, just 3% below its highest-ever mark.
Comparing the Nasdaq’s 75% gain between 2021 and 2022 to Bitcoin’s 544% positive move, one could assume that an eventual correction caused by macroeconomic tensions or a major crisis, would lead to Bitcoin’s price being disproportionately impacted than stocks.
Eventually, these “macroeconomic tensions and crises” did occur and Bitcoin price plunging another 57% to $20,250. This shouldn’t be a surprise given that the Nasdaq is down 24.4% as of Sept. 2. Investors also must factor in that the index’s historical 120-day volatility is 40% annualized, versus Bitcoin’s 72%, which is roughly 80% higher.
That’s the core reason why investors should re-evaluate investing in Bitcoin. The risk-to-reward potential after the downward adjustment in risk assets possibly leaves more upside for the cryptocurrency considering three factors: higher volatility during a moderate recovery, equity offerings and resistance to regulatory sanctions.
The problem is the market is now in a drawn-out bear trend and there are no signs that point to a quick recovery because double-digit inflation in many countries continues to pressure the central banks to sustain a tighter stance.