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Month: September 2022

What is the difference between bull and bear market of cryptocurrencies?(part 2)

In general, the signs of a bull market in cryptocurrencies are: 🔹Prices will increase for a long time; 🔹There is a lot of confidence in the market; 🔹Some projects are priced more than their value; 🔹Following the release of good news, prices increase sharply; 🔹If bad news is published, prices […]

Bitcoin Sets Itself Across Zero Line, Analyst!

Dave the Wave, the analyst who accurately foretold the collapse of Bitcoin in 2021, is back with another market forecast. The prominent crypto trader shared some charts on a Twitter Thread this Monday. Dave claims that the world’s foremost cryptocurrency is about to flip bullish, judging from previous cycles. The […]

How do professional traders use the options market to profit during periods of low volatility? (Part 1)

It may be impossible to predict Bitcoin price fluctuations, but professional traders always use a specific strategy that has high returns and low costs. Small traders usually use leveraged futures, which have a high probability of liquidation. However, trading in the Bitcoin option market provides excellent investment opportunities for experienced […]