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What is the difference between investing in the stock market and cryptocurrencies?


The cryptocurrency market is operating almost 10 times faster than the stock market, and this affects everything, prices are rising and falling faster, and they will fluctuate much faster than other markets.
Manipulation in large stock markets is very low while it is an integral part of the cryptocurrency market. Regardless of the downsides, the ability to manipulate will engage more people in the market and help make crypto more widely accepted.
And finally, because it’s much easier for new competitors to enter the cryptocurrency market, it is much more likely that old currencies will go away than older companies. In fact, there is no justification for the presence of hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the competition scene.
The highest returns are for the emerging stock markets. Argentina, for example, had a %77.7 profit, Mongolia %68.9 and Kazakhstan %59.3. Of course, for most investors, there are barriers to accessing these markets and perhaps one of the reasons they have turned to cryptocurrency markets is their unrestricted and global nature.
In late 2017, Ripple snatched second place for cryptocurrencies from Etherium, with a market capitalization of $77.1 billion. Ripple market volume has grown by %31,637 in one year and Etherium market volume has grown by %1,300. After Ripple, the Dash cryptocurrency has grown %9.400 since December 31st.
Bitcoin is a very risky asset today, and this is because the technology behind it, the blockchain and the electronic peer-to-peer payment system, are still very young. So it makes sense that investors do not yet look at cryptocurrencies as a means of safely raising capital for their retirement or insurance. No one can fully predict the future of a cryptocurrency and give you a guarantee.

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