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If you receive tokens on your own, beware of scams!


The point is, in the Ethereum and Tron network, anyone can create new tokens with very high units for themselves at a very low cost.
Simply put, the process of this scam is as follows:
1. Scammers create a token on the Tron with a name and logo similar to a market token. At the same time, they are building a counterfeit site similar to a decentralized exchange.
2. Scammers send some tokens to addresses that have Tron inventory. Because Tron blockchain is transparent, finding addresses is very easy.
3. The uninformed user sees the tokens in his wallet and checks the (real) token price. He thinks, for example, he made $1,000 for free.
4. The user tries to cash out his tokens. On the Tronscan site (a website for checking URLs and tokens based on Tron) it enters the counterfeit token page and sees the fake site address.
5. He enters the fake site and the site asks him to connect his wallet to the site to convert the tokens.
6. When the user clicks on the Connect wallet button, they are asked to enter their private key or recovery words in the box provided.
7. When the user enters their private key or recovery words, it is sent to the scammer and he can empty all the user’s wallet balance.
Having these tokens in your wallet is not a problem in itself and you do not need to do anything on your own.
If your wallet supports the ability to delete or show tokens, you can disable their display, and if it does not support, you can leave these fake tokens alone.
Just remember that not every token has value. Also, never forget that private keys or retrieval words are all your asset
and you should not enter them on various sites or give them to anyone.

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