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What’s Next For Bitcoin As Prices Encounter Difficulty Reclaiming $43,000?


Recently, bitcoin prices have struggled, often dipping below the $43,000 mark and then failing to post substantial gains.
The world’s most popular crypto asset retreated to $42,777.20, CoinDesk data show, Saturday.
The majority of cryptocurrencies traded lower early Saturday. Global crypto market market capitalization fell nearly 3% to $1.15 trillion in the last 24 hours, while total crypto market volume was up 9.3 percent to $89.50 billion.
Bitcoin was able to inch back slightly shortly thereafter, reaching $43,962.01. Following this comeback, it retreated again, falling to around $42,840.
On the other hand, the overall volume of stablecoins was $74.34 billion, or 83.06% of the total 24-hour volume of the cryptocurrency market.
Bitcoin was recently trading at an average price of around $43,500, roughly where it was 24 hours ago and well below the $47,000 barrier it crossed just a few days earlier, as investors continued to weigh in on the Federal Reserve’s new hawkish zeal and the ongoing twist of economic developments sparked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
Cryptocurrency prices deviated somewhat from the performance of the main equities markets, which were marginally positive.

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