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Which projects are likely to AirDrop? Free tokens for loyalists.


If you want to increase your chances of participating in the upcoming airdrops, one way is to use applications and protocols that have not yet released their own token and require the active presence of users.
Some of these protocols may provide free tokens to their users in the future, and they may not have any plans to do so.
Keep in mind that AirDrop and the donation of free tokens from the following projects are by no means conclusive, and this list is based solely on evidence that AirDrop is likely to be delivered by these projects.
We emphasize that all of these airdrops are probable and it is not possible to rely on this list to confirm the certainty of doing AirDrop and how to participate in it.
Projects with a high probability of AirDrop include:
Metamask/Opensea/Phantom/Arbitrum/Optimism/Zk-Sync/Hop Protocol/XPollinate/Slingshot/Polymarket/Zapper/Opyn/Zerion.
To be eligible for AirDrop, you must work on each project to be considered a loyal user of the platform.
Do not forget that you have to pay a fee to work on projects. Transaction fees are not high on Binance, Smart chain and Polygon networks; But trading on the ETH network is relatively expensive and there is no guarantee of returning investment.

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