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Possible Timelines For Bitcoin To Hit $100k: Why CEOs See Bullish Signs?


After bitcoin broke above the $45k resistance level reaching the $48k mark, it has retested the $45k level. Some analysts still expect a rise to above $50k, others have abandoned their bullish approach. Meanwhile, leading CEOs remain positive that the coin will reach the $100k mark in a period of one to two years.
Morehead noted that within the history of Bitcoin cycles, it’s had six previous bear markets that average about 60%, and 2022’s has been 50%.
In his opinion, the bitcoin cycles will begin to moderate thanks to large institutional engagement, and “a 50% bear market is probably all you’re going to get going forward.”
Morehead said he is “wildly bullish right now” because he believes that Bitcoin and the asset classes will decouple, noting that the high correlation that usually happens during periods of stress –similar to 2022’s turmoil– eventually breaks, usually after a 72-days average.
“I think stocks and bonds may keep going down potentially for years, whereas blockchain assets can go up.“
Morehead accepted that Pantera Capital failed to predict how fear over the Fed’s rates rising would affect the crypto market, but believes that “in this case, the markets have it wrong, and blockchain will decouple from the other asset classes.”
In his forecast, Morehead expects that six months from now bitcoin will be back to the typical 2.5X yearly growth that it’s been doing for 11 years. If so, then in a year Bitcoin could be worth about $100,000 per coin.

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