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What is Bitcoin Cash?+ Wallets and how to buy this cryptocurrency!


Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that introduces itself as “peer-to-peer electronic cash”.
Bitcoin Cash wants to be a bitcoin that can be used as money by increasing the speed of transactions.
On August 1, 2017, with the creation of block number 478,559 in the Bitcoin blockchain, a new blockchain was created and thus, the bitcoin cash was officially born.
The main reason for the discrepancy in the bitcoin community that led to the emergence of bitcoin cash was a fundamental problem: the problem of scalability, or the problem of slow transactions and increasing their fees over time that exist in the bitcoin network.
Dozens of wallets have been offered for bitcoin cash in different names and types. With a large number of free software, you can easily store, receive and send this cryptocurrency on your PC, mobile phone or even on the Internet.
Remember to make a backup of a cryptocurrency wallet before using it. Wallets usually show the user a set of 12 English words to back up in a safe place. In case of wallet deletion or any other problem, the user can recover his assets. If you do not back up your wallet, you will never be able to recover your assets by deleting your wallet, stealing or damaging your device.

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