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9 Important Ways to Secure a Computer to Protect Your crypto Assets! (Part1)


1. Anti-virus: Antivirus software are 360-degree protectors that protect you to a very high degree against cyber attacks. Antivirus features are no longer limited to detecting and removing malware, and include many more features such as firewalls, backup, program control and management, and vulnerabilities.
2. Use secure DNS: Hackers use a variety of techniques to maintain their presence in hacked systems and increase their attack level as much as possible. One of these techniques is to use C&C servers. These servers are used to execute the main attack after controlling a large number of victims. So in fact these servers are safe before the main attack.
3. Patches management: Programming bugs can lead to security holes where hackers can exploit to hack into systems, spy on, corrupt and encrypt information, steal authentication information, and more.
4. Password management: A simple password like ‘Iran123’, is dangerous and a medium password like ‘Iran@#2018′ is tolerable and a password like ’84Ag4J # ByW8StVUfjejb’ is great.
Of course, provided that you have a unique password for each account. But how is it possible to remember such a password with such complexity for thousands of accounts? This is not impossible, you need to use technology that is fortunately free.
5. Two-factor password: Two-factor password is a feature that is good to use anywhere. Almost all social networks, email services,… support it. The way it works is that you first log in to your account as usual, after you enter the password correctly, a second password will be sent to you via SMS or email, or it will be generated through applications such as Google Authenticator. After entering it correctly, you can log in to your account.

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