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The best bitcoin mining software in 2021!


.1 CGminer Software: CGminer Software is currently the most popular bitcoin mining software.It is written in C for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.
CGMiner also has features such as overclocking, monitoring and controlling fan speed. This program supports three methods of mining: CPU, GPU and ASIC.
.2 BFGminer software: BFGminer does not have a graphical interface like CGMiner and you must use the command line to launch and start this software. In addition to the possibility of connecting the mining pool, direct mining can also be performed with the BFGminer.
.3 EasyMiner software: EasyMiner bitcoin software works almost similarly to the two software above, ie. CGMiner and BFJMiner, with the difference that EasyMiner has a graphical user interface and anyone can use it with any knowledge. Of course, the credibility of this software does not reach the level of CGMiner and BFGMiner.
.4 MultiMiner software:MultiMiner software is based on the BFGMiner software we introduced above, with the difference that MultiMiner has a graphical user interface and is referred to as the most user-friendly mining software.
.5BitMinter Software: BitMinter is a bitcoin mining pool that has its own software. So in BitMiner you are on the side of a mining pool instead of a software. This pool is not as valid as large mining pools.
.6 GUIminer software:GUIminer software is one of the oldest bitcoin mining software that was voluntarily developed in 2011 by a developer interested in bitcoin.

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