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82% Of Bitcoin Short-Term Holder Supply Now In Loss!


On-chain data shows around 82% of the Bitcoin short-term holder supply is currently in loss, suggesting that capitulation may occur soon.
The BTC STH supply is nearing all-time lows at the moment. However, 82% of it is being held at a loss.
The “BTC short-term holder supply” is that part of the total Bitcoin supply that has been held for less than 155 days.
The investors holding this supply are usually the likeliest to sell their coins off during market volatility, and especially when a capitulation flush out occurs.
When a high amount of this supply is in loss, there may be more sell-side pressure in the market as short-term holders capitulate easily.
the Bitcoin STH supply has been observing a constant downtrend over much of the history of the coin, and is currently near all-time low values.
The decrease in this supply happens when some of the coins mature beyond the 155-day cutoff, thus becoming part of the “long-term holder supply” instead.
Since short-term holders can be a big source of sell-side pressure, the number of coins held by them severely going down can be bullish for the price of the crypto.

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