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Criminal activities and scams related to the crypto mining!


.1In general, the cost of mining equipment is high and it requires a lot of patience, but in the meantime, there are other people who, instead of using and buying their own hardware, misuse other people’s equipment without their knowledge and permission, and earn illegal income. This lucrative practice is called “cryptoJacking”.
.2Telegram robots crypto mining: In these telegram robots, no mining takes place and only forces users to pay bitcoins to buy more diamonds.
Users who choose the recruitment method will eventually receive a message stating that your affiliate must have purchased diamonds with Bitcoin to withdraw the withdrawn funds.
Simply put, the operators of these robots make money out of nothing, and eventually the robot goes out of reach.
.3Cloud Mining Scams:
This method is not a problem in itself, but the opacity of cloud mining has provided a breeding ground for fraud.
A company can receive people’s money under the pretext of selling the mining processing power and, without doing any mining, pay the user only a small amount of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on a monthly basis.
Therefore, in the first place, cloud mining is not recommended for users living in Iran, but if you do this, be sure to ensure the validity of the company and ensure that Iranian users are not blocked by sending a support ticket and referring to the terms of service of the site. However, in this case, too, there is no certainty, and certainly the risk will remain.
Although most mining scams are done in the above three ways, scammers can deceive uninformed people in a variety of completely new ways. Do not forget that wherever there is talk of astronomical, guaranteed and irrational benefits, doubt that it is a scam.

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