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nightmares of cryptocurrency traders!


If you work/trade in the field of cryptocurrencies, probably the first thing you do after waking up is to check the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Your cryptocurrency nightmares may have woken you up several times during your sleep; Because every investor in the field of crypto knows what the risks of investing in this field are.
Assets may be exposed to risks such as phishing, malware, private key theft, and ransomware.
Exchange hacks in 2019 alone cost the industry more than $4.5 billion and deprived many of them of sleep.
Holders of cryptocurrency wallets may worry about losing their wallet recovery keys or Seed; Whether they are written on a piece paper or engraved on a titanium plate.
Let’s be honest, filing a tax return for Fiat currency is not a pleasant task, but taxing profits from cryptocurrencies is the worst nightmare.
While cryptocurrency laws are constantly changing, the last thing a trader wants is to file a tax case with incorrect information.
Quantitative easing policies (Bank interest), the volatile financial system, the Austrian school, Andreas Antonopolos, and the lack of faith in bitcoin attack you for a moment and You jump on the forehead with sweat.
Is it possible for the whole story of cryptocurrencies to be destroyed in one day and suddenly? Is it possible that the price of bitcoin will reach zero one day?

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