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Differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic!


We can say that in the case of the Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic, power prevailed over ideology. Due to the large number of developers and activists going to Ethereum, the power and effectiveness of the Ethereum network is much higher than the Ethereum Classic.
There are not many development tools on Ethereum Classic that make it difficult to program. Etherum developers, for example, can take advantage of Metamask and other development plugins, but Ethereum Classic developers do not have access to this.
In terms of price and trading volume, while the supply of both is almost the same, the Ethereum Classic versus the Ethereum has nothing to say. The Ethereum has long been in the second tier, but the Ethereum Classic was in a terrible state after the fork and was constantly moving to the lower tier.
Both currencies use the same extraction algorithm as Ethash, so it is possible to use the same mining hardware.
The profitability of mining is almost the same in both because when the profitability of one increases, the miners rush towards it, which creates a relative balance between the two.
While Ethereum seeks to prevent mining with special devices, the ASICs, using the ProgPow algorithm, Ethereum Classic has not yet done so.
With ProgPow running on Ethereum, mining was only possible with a graphics card (GPU), but Ethereum Classic could be easily mined with ASIC.

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