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Hodler Rules; Are You a Hodler?


The first and most important rule of Hodler’s motto is not to sell your currencies. A Hodler may spend his currencies (see Rule 5) but does not sell them. Only weak people sell their currencies and they soon regret it.
A Hodler buys more if the value of his currencies falls against the national currency; Provided that it has the necessary conditions to do so.
Under no circumstances does a hodler sell his currencies for fear of falling prices. The only reason a hodler does not regularly buy at the floor is because he has already invested.
As a hodler, you should continue to HODL in any situation, whether the news that China has once again banned your currency, or that your favorite exchange has been hacked.
A hodler goes his own way, no matter who is sowing the seeds of despair, fear and uncertainty. Ignore the news. Keep in mind that negative people are usually the ones who suffer from the success of your currency and hate hodlers because their currency prices go up a lot.
No exchange or online wallet is safe from rogue employees, security mistakes and simple misconceptions.Instead of relying on third parties for safe protection, a hodler keeps its currencies in a wallet, paper, or hardware. A hodler always controls his own personal keys.
If you want to spend your currencies, look for sellers who will accept your currencies directly instead of selling or using Fiat currency-based communication channels (such as Visa prepaid cards).By spending your currencies, you are helping the ecosystem of like-minded Hodlers.
Do not be extravagant, because in this case, it will not take long for you to have no currency to spend.

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