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Why do most traders and gamblers lose? The secret of losses in trades! (Part1)


Accidental stimulus can develop long-term bad habits in a trader that will be very difficult to quit.
Addiction to doing it is one of the reasons that trade is not dissimilar to gambling which the result is nothing but loss.
The reason why gamblers continue to gamble is that after a few losses, they finally win, and that is enough for them to keep trying, but mathematics proves that in the long term they are losing all their assets, because For example, if they win 8 Tomans, they lose 10 Tomans.
A gambler, after losing several times, completely changes his method and turns to another method so that his losses may be compensated, while his first method may have been better and only pure misfortune or fraud caused the loss.
In fact, the less money a gambler has to risk and stick to his method, the sooner he loses all his assets.
For example, there are football betting sites that are very numerous these days and are destroying people. People on these sites choose different approaches to winning. One focuses on the goals scored and one bets on corners, for example.
Many people on these sites analyze football games in detail, but most of them are ultimately losers. No matter which method you choose, the site always wins.
The odds on these sites are set so that you lose in the long term. For example, if a bet has a 50% chance of winning, the coefficient is determined so that the site’s chance is 52% and the user’s chance is 48%.
In this way, in the long term, with repetition, sites always win, even if a small number of gamblers make a fortune or influence.
The nature of trading is different from the nature of gambling, but in financial markets there are always conditions that are beyond the control of the trader.

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