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Feds to eliminate pre-arrival PCR testing for fully vaccinated Canadian travellers, source says

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The federal government is set to eliminate PCR testing requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians travelling outside of the country, a senior government source tells.

Currently, any person who travels outside the country must provide proof of a negative molecular test, such as a PCR test, prior to returning to Canada.
Ottawa is set to remove those requirements at the end of the month
Instead of a PCR test, Canadians will be required to show proof of a negative antigen test, similar to the United States.

the federal government would announce changes to pandemic measures at Canada’s borders next week.

Foreign nationals coming to Canada, and those travelling within the country by plane, passenger train or boat, must be vaccinated, with some exceptions.

Due to the infectious nature of Omicron, it is difficult to stop every case at the border and prevent an infected person from transmitting the virus to someone else.

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