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Ontario’s Handing Out Free Rapid Tests At Grocery Stores

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As of February 9, the Ford government announced it will be providing free access to rapid antigen tests for anyone who is looking to get one. In the last couple of months, Ontario reserved rapid tests for priority settings, like hospitals and long-term care homes, due to supply constraints.

Up to 5.5M tests will be made available per week

Ontarians will be able to get one box of five tests per household each time they go to a participating retailer.

Currently, 2,385 grocery and pharmacy locations will provide access to tests. You can find rapid test kits at these retailers, but the Ontario government notes that not all locations may be participating:

Costco, in-store pick-upShoppers Drug Mart, in-store pick-upLoblaws, in-store pick-upDRUGStore in Fortino’s, in-store pick-upYour Independent Grocer, in-store pick-upReal Canadian Superstore, in-store pick-upZehrs, in-store pick-upMetro, in-store pick-upFood Basics, in-store pick-upThe North West Company, in-store pick-upRexall, in-store pick-upSobeys, in-store pick-upIndependent pharmacy retailers, in-store pick-upLongo’s, in online grocery orders, eventually shifting to in-store pick-upWalmart, in online grocery pick-up orders, no in-store pick-up

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