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This bullish Ethereum options trade targets $3.1K ETH price with zero liquidation risk!


The crypto market is starting to turn around, raising opportunities for risk averse traders to use the Long Condor options strategy to long ETH.
Ether price (ETH) spent the last two months stuck in a rut and even the most bullish trader will admit that the possibility of trading above $4,400 in the next couple of months is dim.
Of course, cryptocurrency traders are notoriously optimistic and it is not unusual for them to expect another $4,870 all-time high, but this seems like an unrealistic outcome.
Despite the current bearish trend, there are still reasons to be moderately bullish for the next couple of months and using a “long condor with call options” strategy might yield a positive outcome.
Options markets provide more flexibility to develop custom strategies and there are two instruments available.
The call option gives the buyer upside price protection, and the protective put option does the opposite.
Traders can also sell the derivatives to create unlimited negative exposure, similar to a futures contract.
This long condor strategy has been set for the March 25 expiry and uses a slightly bullish range.
The same structure can also be applied for bearish expectations, but this scenario assumes that most traders are looking for upside.
Ether was trading at $2,677 when the pricing took place, but a similar result can be achieved starting from any price level.
The first trade requires buying 5.14 ETH worth of $3,000 call options to create a positive exposure above this price level. Then, to limit gains above $3,500 the trader needs to sell 4.4 ETH contracts of the $3,500 call.

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