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If You Do Not Have These 5 Basic Features, Do Not Buy Bitcoin! (Part 1)


1. Motivation to learn more:
Before buying bitcoin, you should find out for yourself why the current system is full of flaws.
You have to research hard enough to finally open your eyes to this ugly fact: the current system is not modifiable.
You can only reach this level of understanding if you are always eager to learn more.
This is possible through further study. You need to be able to read a lot. Bitcoin encourages you to think about different issues and make decisions.
The success of Bitcoin lies in the fact that with Bitcoin, everyone is free to have any opinion about the truth.
If you do not have this basic feature, it is better not to buy bitcoin at all; Because, sooner or later, you will regret it.

2. True confidence in Bitcoin:
People who do not have enough desire to learn and regret choosing bitcoin do not have real confidence in the bitcoin revolution.
In March 2020, when the price of Bitcoin reached $3,800 and it lost 50% of its value, you had to have full confidence in the revolution of this cryptocurrency.
People who do not trust bitcoin, sell and lose whatever bitcoins they have when the price drops.
You have to accept the fact that Bitcoin is a real financial revolution. Bitcoin is more money than technology.
Do not be afraid to introduce another cryptocurrency with seemingly better technology to replace bitcoin.
The main competition is not about technology, but about monetary and financial features, and in this area, the real revolution has already taken place with Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a unique innovation in human history. From now on, bitcoin will gradually improve to become a better and more complete version each time.
This complete trust and confidence in Bitcoin will help you to adopt the best possible strategy. The best possible strategy, of course, is the simplest: Become a bitcoin HODLer and keep this cryptocurrency for a long time.

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