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Month: February 2022

A Crypto War Is Raging – Crypto Donations Fuel Russia-Ukraine War!

More than $4 million have already been contributed to non-governmental organizations helping Ukraine from Russia’s unprovoked invasion of the country. A “crypto war,” according to analysts, has just begun. Meanwhile, as the panic of war depletes the country’s ATMs, many Ukrainians resort to Bitcoin. Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company in […]

Differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic!

We can say that in the case of the Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic, power prevailed over ideology. Due to the large number of developers and activists going to Ethereum, the power and effectiveness of the Ethereum network is much higher than the Ethereum Classic. There are not many development […]

Hodler Rules; Are You a Hodler?

The first and most important rule of Hodler’s motto is not to sell your currencies. A Hodler may spend his currencies (see Rule 5) but does not sell them. Only weak people sell their currencies and they soon regret it. A Hodler buys more if the value of his currencies […]

Ranking of which world cities will be underwater first puts Vancouver in the top 20

A ranking based on population and elevation puts Vancouver in the top 20 when it comes to cities that will be submerged as ocean levels rise. The ranking of coastal cities was built based on a “conservative estimate” of a rise of up to 1.5 metres, though those behind the […]

Data Says Bitcoin Holds Up To Macro Turmoil Better Than Altcoins!

Bitcoin has not had the best couple of things and altcoins have been subjected to the same fate too. The market has continued to succumb to pressure being mounted by various social issues, from the Canada protests to the brewing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In all of this, however, […]

Air Canada launches new non-stop flight from Halifax to Vancouver

The provinces of Nova Scotia and British Columbia will soon seem much closer with Air Canada’s new, non-stop flight between Halifax and Vancouver. In a news release Tuesday, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport confirmed the new non-stop service to Vancouver International Airport will begin May 1, with direct flights up […]