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Staking: Full instruction + cryptocurrency introduction! (part2)


Trader can increase their revenue streams through staking, and turn their stagnant assets in the exchanges to source of profits.
Currently, well-known exchanges such as Binance, coinbase, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Kraken and Poloniex support the staking process.
The Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange for the volume of transactions that has provided to stake 56 different cryptocurrencies in 30, 60 and 90 day periods.
In hardware wallets, the user locks his assets in a personal wallet, cold (offline).
In this method, the Stakeholder must keep their coins over a certain period of time, in the same address of the wallet; Because their movement cuts the staking period and, as a result, the shareholder does not receive a reward such as ledger, coolwallet s.
Software wallet includes software desktop software and mobile apps that provide storage of cryptocurrency (often freely).
But on the other hand, their permanent connection to the Internet expose them to cyber attacks and hacks.
Multi-currency software wallets also allows staking of several cryptocurrency for their users at the same time.
These wallet, with the implementation of a full node or launching a staking pool, makes the staking process possible for users; such as Trustwallet , Exodus.
In the world of decentralized financial platforms or “DeFi”, we are faced with new concepts under “liquidity mining” and “Yield Farming”.
The yield farming also includes the collection of Defi combined strategies that maximizes the deposit in these platforms.Liquidity mining means the liquid injection into the DeFi platforms, such as MKR, Synthetix.
The platform you choose for staking is important, as the reward you are receiving. With a wrong choice, you’ll lose all your rewards and coins together.
study the situation or rules of the process of staking before staking.
The process of staking cryptocurrencies depends on your choice. For example, cold stock (offline) is vary with direct validation on a proof-of-stake platform.

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