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The reasons for the traders failure and the solution!


Trading is very risky and a wide range of traders fail in their deals. Having a written trading plan is the first step to start transactions; something that may not be considered by more than 90 percent of traders.
If your trading (program) system is incomplete or you don’t use one plan, you will be sure that money will not be made from this.
The size of your position should be so much that your capital will increase as possible and gradually increases so as not to cause major trading failures.Position Size calculator is one of the tools that can help manage your risk.
Traders always use the term “Transactions are always profitable”, but 90 percent of them do not know what they mean.
By managing expectations and abandoning ideas like doubling your capital in the next few months, you can see that the profitable trading is not too complicated.
As soon as you get rid of popular short-term goals that you see in social networks, you will be able to conduct your transactions properly. Since then you can focus in more important things, such as progress in long term and work on a trading program and on yourself.
In this way you will no longer have to trade each day or every week. Here is the way you see success in deals. It’s better not to try get rich with 200 or 500 dollars. This idea never responds and will not respond. But remember that even if your primary capital is not too high, you can still increase your chance of success with the management of expectations and having a long-term trading mentality.
If your account balance is only a few hundred dollars, you should not focus on acquisition of quick profits. You must create a successful long-term trading records and place it in a situation where your deals will always be successful.
If you can not learn from your past mistakes, you will never progress and repeat the same mistakes forever. Having a record notebook from transactions for each trader is vital without exception.

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