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What is Dogecoin? Everything you need to know about this funny crypto!


Dogecoin; A cryptocurrency made for fun; But now, with multibillion-dollar market value seen it in the top tier of the cryptocurrency market, great people like Elon Mask support it and plan to improve it.
Dogecoin, abbreviated to DOGE, is simply a cryptocurrency and a network for transferring value (money); Just like Bitcoin.
However, this cryptocurrency is very different from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the most important of which is the primary purpose; Dogecoin was originally made for fun. Billy Marcus, creator of Dogecoin, nicknamed Shibetoshi Nakamoto, a humorous name derived from the name of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Without caring about marketing or public acceptance, he just wanted to create a friendly-intimate online payment system for fun.
The name and idea of the Dogecoin logo is derived from the Shiba Inu dog breed. In fact, before the creation of the Dogecoin, the word “Doge” and the image of Shiba Inu’s dog were known as meme or Internet comedy and people used these images to write their funny texts.
Thus, unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Dogecoin was not originally designed for a specific purpose and in fact, this cryptocurrency is now classified as “coins” or “humorous coins”.
Other cryptocurrencies that are in this category include Shiba Ino. Memes are special images or videos that are quickly published in social media after attracting the attention of users, and they create funny content. Memes are used to make ironic remarks and produce humorous content about various events.

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